Imperial Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of most forms of dance and the skills it teaches translate into other styles students may be learning. It is a disciplined genre that is perfect for developing strength, control, balance, posture and flexibility. The qualities gained from learning ballet include focus, discipline, confidence and dedication – all of which can have a positive impact on schoolwork and other areas of life.

At Northern Performing Arts, ballet classes follow the ISTD syllabus, which has evolved to promote the English classical style. Our ballet teachers are highly experienced, passionate and dedicated, so you can be assured that your child is good hands.

While they are not compulsory, we encourage students to sit the annual ISTD exams. Students also have the opportunity to showcase their hard work at our annual end-of-year performance.

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Charlotte de Vere (Willow Avenue, Birkenhead)

3.30pm Grade One Ballet

4.15pm Grade Two Ballet

5.00pm Grade Three Ballet

5.45pm Grade Four Ballet

6.30pm Grade Five Ballet

7.30pm Grade Six Ballet

Michelle Edwards (St Pauls, Milford)

4.15pm Free Work Ballet Grades 4-6

5.45pm Junior Open Pointe (Grades 6/Int Found)

6.30pm Intermediate Ballet

7.45pm Senior Open Pointe (Int +)


Alana Tod (Willow Avenue)

2.15pm - Pre-school Ballet

Alicia Chadwick-Cook (St Pauls, Milford)

4.00pm - Grade Six Ballet

5.00pm - NZAMD Majors Ballet





Alicia Chadwick Cook (Willow Avenue)

4.45pm - Advanced One Ballet

6.00pm - Advanced Two Ballet

Alana Tod (Birkdale Road)

7.15pm - Intermediate Ballet


Charlotte de Vere (Recreation Drive, Birkenhead)

3.30pm Primary Grade Ballet

4.15pm Grade One Ballet

5.00pm Grade Two Ballet

5.45pm Grade Three Ballet

6.30pm Grade Four Ballet

7.15pm Inter Foundation Ballet


No ballet classes


Alana Tod (Birkdale Road)

3.45pm - Primary Class Ballet

6.00pm -  Grade 6 Ballet

7.00pm - Inter Foundation Ballet


Charlotte de Vere (Willow Avenue)

9.30am - Pre-school Ballet

10.00am - Primary Grade Ballet

10.45am - Grade Two Ballet

11.30am - Grade Three Ballet

12.15pm - Grade Four Ballet

1.00pm - Grade Five Ballet

Alana Tod (Carmel College)

8.45am - Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet